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Reusables with Guest

Reusables with Guests

So you have decided to give reusables a try. You are loving them! You have cloth napkins, unpaper towels, and even cloth toilet paper. Your garbage is now at a minimal and you are loving not having to buy a bunch of disposable paper products.

But you have guest coming into town. So now what do you do?


Reusables with guest should not be a dreaded experience for you to deal with.

A few quick tips:
1. Know your guests and what they would be comfortable with.
2. Let your guest know that you are a paper free house before they come over and that you choose not to buy disposable paper products, including toilet paper. But if they would like to bring some with them, they are more than welcome to.
3. Have a stash of reusable products for your guest use. Keep your toilet paper separate to avoid any uncomfortable feelings. Have a nice set of cloth napkins for use when a guest is there instead of your every day cloth napkins that might be stained or dingy.
4. Use it as a teaching experience. A lot of people think it is hard to use reusable products in a home. Having guest over and letting them see you in everyday use of reusables without complaining or having piles of laundry sitting around, making sure that it runs smoothly and naturally, might have your guest inspired instead of thinking it is weird that you don’t buy disposable paper products. Let your guest see how your garbage doesn’t pile up. Let them know that you don’t have to worry about running out and making late night trips for more, nobody hollers for toilet paper, and no fighting over who changes the roll of toilet paper. Let them see how they don’t create a stinky mess. Tell them how you save money because you aren’t buying disposable all the time.

I hope your experience with guest and using reusable products goes well. Remember, you choose to live this lifestyle for a reason, and you can always explain that reason to your guest if you would like. Your story just might inspire someone else to make changes in their daily life. Maybe it was to save money. Maybe it was to eliminate waste. Maybe you like to feel fancy at the table with your cloth napkins and you like the softness of the reusable toilet paper in the bathroom. Maybe you just really like the pretty prints that you can get reusables in! Whatever your reason, share it, and maybe you will inspire another person to live a more simple, natural, less waste lifestyle as well!

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~Living Simple With The Jane Girls

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