Camping with Reusables

Camping with Reusables

We love to go camping! If you are like us, you find that when you go camping you probably have to pack lots of extra fluff because you try to not create a bunch of waste even when you aren’t home!

Some quick tips:
• Pack extra. You never know if you have accidents and when you are out in the great outdoors, you may not be able to do laundry either. If you have a baby in cloth diapers, you may want to pack extra clothes as well in case they become wet due to the accidents.
• Take an empty tote bag that will be used for just the dirty laundry accumulated.
• Try to decide what is really necessary to take. At home you may have reusable paper towels, cleaning cloths, and napkins. Try to just pick one of these versions to take with you to camp because that will reduce the amount of packing and unpacking you will have to do.
• Don’t let the laundry wait once you get home. You will have a bag of just reusables that need washed, get right to it as soon as you can to prevent any unnecessary staining and smells.
When we camp, we usually have these reusable items packed:
1. Cloth diapers
2. Cloth wipes
3. Reusable napkins (larger size)
4. Reusable mama pads (if it is that time of month)

The cloth wipes become an all purpose item for many different things, from wipes to tissues, to napkins, and everything in between. We keep a large size wet bag just for the wipes. We use them wet and dry.

The cloth diapers are a necessity, of course. Now that we have a toddler, we don’t need to pack as many, but of course we take extra. I try to rinse them the best I can before putting them into the wet bag. I will sometimes leave the bag open outside to allow some air to flow amongst the items without hanging all of our dirty laundry out to dry, we don’t pack anything to wash and dry it with!

Taking reusable napkins in a larger size is great for cleaning hands, wiping mouths, and cleaning up spills. They are definitely used well.

Camping with reusable cloth pads is not as difficult as you would expect either. I keep the soiled ones in a wet bag and when we get home I treat them and wash them without any problems. Definitely take more than you usually plan on using just in case though!
We also take bath towels, wash rags, and dish towels. Most people do take these essentials. We treat our reusable items just the same as we would these items.
Camping or traveling with reusables is more less second nature now. It’s no different than at home except we don’t do laundry as often and we have to haul dirty reusable items, but those are all things that don’t seem so bad when you don’t have to deal with so many waste while your away!
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~The Jane Girls

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